Creative Entrepreneurship: Trends & Premonitions

Goethe Institute and St. Petersburg Unified Entrepreneurship Center are launching an educational project “Creative Entrepreneurship: Trends & Premonitions”.
"Creative Entrepreneurship: Trends & Premonitions" is a series of events aimed to acquaint entrepreneurs with the best innovative approaches of companies and start-ups from Russia and European countries, to establish a dialogue between entrepreneurs and to form a community.
Experts from different countries with different backgrounds will reveal such topics as the nature of innovation and innovative approaches in entrepreneurship, talk about current trends and their impact on industry development - artificial intelligence, sustainability, design thinking. They will discuss new types of leadership and management and the essential skills required in new times.
Our aim is to figure out what are the most promising innovations in business and culture.
The Programm:
1. 17/03 7pm Moscow time
Trend VS Premonition
Methods of studying the future, trend-watching and working with chaos.
Speaker: Andrey Potapov
Entrepreneur, researcher, expert in Future studies
Co-founder of the Signal consulting agency (part of ONY)
2. 24/03 7pm Moscow time
Sustainable Development in Creative Industries

How companies build their strategies based on sustainable development, and why it is useful for business, not only for the world.
Speaker: Arto Sivonen - Founder and creative director of Måndag, a marketing designer and an urban activist.

3. 31/03 7pm Moscow time 
Discussion "New Work"

Innovative approaches in work processes, new leadership, the value of human capital, the war for talents, meta skills and the main competencies of our time.
Lev Kuznetsov, Director of Unified Entrepreneurship Center of Saint Petersburg.

Mathijs Dijkhuizen, SVP IT Delivery, Deutsche Telekom IT, St Petersburg.

Scott Goldner, Director Learning and Development, The DO School, Berlin.

Alena Vladimirskaya, founder of Alena Vladimirskaya's Career Laboratory

4. 07/04 7pm Moscow time      
Technological Trends after the Pandemic We Have to Live with

Andrey Sebrant
Russian scientist, visionary, strategic marketing director at Yandex
5. 14/04 7pm Moscow time
Crowd Accelerated Innovation
The nature of innovation processes, sources of innovation, crowdsourcing, synergy and social intelligence.
6. 21/04 7pm Moscow time
Human-centered Approaches and Design Thinking in Business

Customer-oriented innovations. How to use the principles of design thinking in creating innovative solutions.
Speaker: Simon Blake
Founder and managing Director of launchlabs, Berlin.

7. 25/04 7pm Moscow time
Discussion "Creative Clusters as Incubators for Innovations: Best Practices in Russia and Europe”

Kirill Soloveichik, Chairman of the Committee for Industrial Policy, Innovation and Trade of St. Petersburg.

Jakob Blumer,  Deputy Managing Director, Creative Hub Switzerland.

Anu Lõhmus, CEO, Tallinn Creative Incubator.

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