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EICHWALD (Eichwald) in German means "Oak forest" "Oak grove". It is a small Family brand created in 2015 by its founder Eichwald Artem. It took more than three years to develop technologies, experiments and prototypes. The accumulated experience allowed us to create a unique product, which has no analogues in the domestic optical market. EICHWALD is not just glasses. Each frame created by us is an individual product created by hands of the master from the valuable breeds of a tree picked up manually. The creation of modern unique glasses with attention to detail and quality, passion for natural materials and craft-the idea that we bring to life! T E X N O L O G I All glasses frames are designed and made by hand in St. Petersburg. We use only the best materials and high quality lenses from leading manufacturers. The main difference between wooden eyeglasses EICHWALD from other glasses made of wood, is a high-tech manufacturing process that allows you to preserve the natural and integral structure of the wood around the perimeter of the frame, including the little details thereby emphasizing the natural aesthetics and integrity. High-tech manufacturing process and filigree hand-processing-glasses made of wood EICHWALD look aesthetically pleasing and elegant. In addition, they are lightweight, durable and hypoallergenic. The company's philosophy is to create a Russian product of the highest quality from natural materials.

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